About Us



The joy and freedom to have fun anywhere indoors and outdoors is something unparalleled. With great handling, cool designs, and excellent craftsmanship, our awesome collection of RC TOYS is designed for everyone who wants to enjoy breathtaking radio control adventures and looks for unmatched quality with absolutely no exceptions: from beginners just starting out, to experts who demand the very best technology and ultimate performance.


Created with the vast majority of fliers inmind, we designed a full range of copters, quadcopters, hexacopter toys, complementary accessories, and repair kits to provide the most suspenseful flying experience with a massive range of features.


With durable and robust frame structures, our unique rc cars and trucks come with powerful engines that deliver tons of consistent torque, reliable suspension, and superior wheel grip for an outstanding on and off road control.


Choose among our rc speed boats and engage in your own thrilling RC boat racing. You’ll love our exciting designs, features, high-tech components and advanced materials. They look as good as they perform! Every one of our RC boats models delivers fast, responsive control to keep you gliding on water and be second to none.